Ensuring your project is viable and meets your objectives in a cost effective manner. 

We support main clients, developers, councils and corporate portfolio owners in running feasibility studies for building projects; from minor alterations, to large scale new builds, to assessing a series of tender proposals.

We work in partnership to identify what criteria are most important and tailor our system of analysis and feedback based on these weightings; creating a matrix to help you identify the best options and their associated risks, and to track design progress. Our aim is to help you ensure your project is viable and meets objectives in a cost effective manner.

Our value engineering services use analysis to evaluate designs across a variety of scoring indexes and weighting factors to demonstrate which proposed case solution is the best. We use the latest in building performance technology and integrated lifecycle cost and lifecycle analysis (LCC/LCA) techniques; enabling you not only to value engineer based on capital and running cost assessments, but also on environmental impact of materials used and your building’s performance, both carbon and occupant comfort.

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