Advanced UK Consultancy Initiatives

Building regulations requirements that are met theoretically but often bear little affiliation to in-use outcomes must be addressed to reduce the resulting performance gap. In response, building design modelling is getting more complex. In order to respond effectively, accurate building modelling needs to be considered from the concept stage right through to the operation stage of the building lifecycle. 

The UK aims to be net-zero carbon by 2050. Attaining these lower goals requires the feedback that can only be provided by building simulation and tracking energy and carbon performance across the entire building life cycle.

The introduction with schemes and methodologies such as NABERS UK, BREEAM, LEED and the recently updated CIBSE operational energy TM’s come on top of the existing regulations and requirements which may seem overwhelming, but IES Consulting are perfectly placed to take your model to the next level.

Our UK Services

Our expert team of experienced consultants are ideally placed to provide modelling services for UK methodologies, schemes and rating systems in addition to helping organisations meet their corporate responsibilities and reduce their ambitious carbon targets.

London Plan

London Plan Policy SI 2 ‘Minimising greenhouse gas emissions’ introduces a fourth stage to the energy hierarchy; the ‘be seen’ stage, which requires monitoring and reporting of the actual operational energy performance of major developments for at least five years via the Mayor’s ‘be seen’.

The Policy calls for advanced simulation, particularly in large-scale buildings, should permeate a building’s development from concept design through to achieving the performance target in-use. The use of detailed simulation of HVAC plant and controls is expected to provide far greater insight into a building’s likely energy performance. The detailed model predictions are intended to provide a continual reference point for value engineering considerations, commissioning, fine-tuning and expectations once the building is in operation and help to narrow the performance gap.


Our consultancy team are heavily involved with a number of the fledgling NABERS-UK assessments and have developed the assistance offered to align perfectly with the nuances of the UK market requirment.

CIBSE Technical Memorandums 

Our experts have undertaken numerous projects based on the CIBSE TM54 guidance for assessing Design Stage Operational Energy use. The consultancy team have developed the guidance to ensure a dynamic approach is used whenever possible to refine the calibration to obtain an accurate and detailed prediction of energy use and aid in closing the performance gap. 

office building with plants


Close the Performance Gap between predicted and actual energy consumption

  • Earn 4 BREEAM ENE01 credits by undertaking advanced energy modelling at the detailed design stage to inform predictions of operational energy consumption
  • Earn 2 BREEAM ENE02 credits by providing detailed energy metering strategy in accordance with CIBSE TM39 to compare predicted and actual energy consumption
  • Alignment between RIBA stages and BREEAM New Construction Design Stage and Post Occupancy Assessment
  • Expert users in recommend software IESVE with extended modelling capabilities

UK Regulations & Regional Targets


Our expert Low Carbon Consultants (LCC) and Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) regularly work in all regions and on all building types achieveing DSM Part L and EPC compliance. 

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Our experts can perform Section 6 and Section 63 Action Plans at Level 5 which encompasses all building considerations.

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Our expert Low Carbon Consultants (LCC) and Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) regularly work in all regions and on all building types achieveing DSM Part L Wales and EPC compliance. 

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Northern Ireland

In addition to achieveing DSM Part F and EPC compliance, our experts comply with Regulation 43B requiring new buildings to be nearly net zero. 

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Additional Services

Education & Skills Funding Agency

Meet low carbon targets through:

  • Energy Modelling
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling using NCM approved software compliant with CIBSE TM33
  • Optimise daylight design
  • Solar gain analysis
  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • Airflow analysis
  • Heating & Cooling Loads Analysis
  • HVAC Analysis
  • Achieve BREEAM credits
  • Continuous building monitoring and reporting
Lighting/Climate Based Daylight Modelling

IES can help you explore the opportunities for daylight optimisation at the design stage. We work with you right from concept using the latest in analysis technology to communicate visually and statistically the impact of design strategies.

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If you are looking to develop your skills or your project incorporates challenging design features then enlist the help of IES Consulting.  As the expert users in applying the Virtual Environment we are best placed to share our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of your project. We offer tailored project mentoring to guide you step by step towards achieving your needs, ensuring confidence in the accuracy and delivery of the project.

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