Data Centres 

Advanced Data Centre Modelling

Data centres are unique buildings housing IT equipment and servers and as such have high demands for cooling to keep equipment running at optimal levels. This can lead to extremely high energy costs and stark consequences from system failure. IES Consulting are experts across all aspects of data centre analysis and have experience working with both new and existing data centres.


Our services cover all aspects of data centre energy use including: 

Modelling of high density computing clusters, IT equipment rooms, Telecom equipment rooms

Verification of a cooling system design

Simulation of traditional floor supply plenums Inline CRACs Cold/Hot aisle containment Porous tiles/walls

Optimisation of rack layout, CRAC locations and tile configurations

Analysis of in-use building performance data to identify energy savings opportunities 

Building calibrated digital twin models to test and optimise energy saving measures

Simulation of PUE and conduct performance audits

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