Introducing the ICL Digital Twin.

Our technology can create a live Digital Twin, fully scalable from a single building to an entire city, which responds and behaves like its real-world counterpart. Delivering the data-driven information you need to uncover significant energy, carbon, capital and operational savings.

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Save your energy. We’ve put everything you need in one place - a single platform for decarbonisation.

Whether your goal is to create an energy and water efficient masterplan, to meet zero-carbon and healthy building targets, or to ensure your buildings operate as efficiently and comfortably as possible, we have the tools that can make it happen.

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Case Studies

Our technology delivers real world success stories.


Make the most of your resources, use ours.

We’re constantly creating new resources for you to take advantage of. Whether that’s free webinars, online training or thought pieces we’re always thinking of ways to help you use our Digital Twins and their applications to shape your built environment for the better.

Whitepaper Training

Let us introduce you to your Digital Twin.

Sign up for our free on-demand webinar to see how digital twin technology can be used to achieve significant energy, carbon, capital and operational savings. In this session we cover:

  • What is the IES Digital Twin and what is it used for?
  • How is the ICL Digital Twin created - Digital Twin tools and dashboards
  • Demonstration of ICL Digital Twin tools using real projects