Digital Twins for the Built Environment

Digital Twins for the Built Environment

Digital twins are an essential tool in addressing the current climate crisis, presenting exciting opportunities to achieve zero carbon targets and promote sustainable, healthier buildings. In the built environment, a live digital twin of a physical building responds and behaves like their real world counterpart (as we are doing here at IES with our ICL technology), and it connects groups of buildings together with energy and transport systems. They can function as problem-solvers and provide decision support information needed to improve performance, influence future building design and reduce risk.

The ICL Digital Twin

Our digital twins use a unique combination of physics based simulation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make real-time performance optimisation of built environment assets become a reality.

Investigate operational problems

Using AI and machine learning to provide alarms and alerts

Generate missing data

Use simulation to fill data gaps

Improve operational decisions

By understanding where to focus attention

Scenario simulation

Test ways to improve your community

Facilitate decision making

Create and share visually informative information

Optimise sustainability

Use AI to optimise present and future community sustainability 

Practical Applications of Digital Twins


Tackle Energy Hungry Buildings

Riverside Museum, Glasgow 

  • Data driven operational improvements
  • Annual savings of £52.3k
  • Gas savings of 26%
  • Payback period of less than 6 months

Help an Island Become Net-Zero

Eday, Orkney Islands 

  • Island community looking to optimise the use of local energy & become net-zero
  • Whole island energy network model created
  • 75% total energy savings identified
  • Payback of 6 years or less
  • Combination of building energy efficiency, grid improvements, distributed energy generation & community storage 

Deliver an EcoCampus 

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

  • Over 200 buildings across 250 hectares
  • Vision to become the greenest campus in the world
  • Sustainable masterplanning & building performance optimisation
  • Impact of retrofit measures virtually tested. Potential for:
    • 31% energy reduction
    • S$4.75m cost savings  
    • 9.6kt carbon reduction

Engage a Community in Real-Time

Trent Basin, Nottingham 

  • 145+ low energy homes
  • Real-time data in an interactive 3D energy model
  • Integrated solar and thermal ground source energy generation
  • Largest community energy battery in Europe
  • Ground breaking community energy scheme
  • 147 inch touch screen


Assess Renewable Energy Networks 

Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk 

  • 90 acre campus
  • Wind turbine meets 52.8% of demand
  • Electricity storage meets ony 2.2% of demand
  • 10.5% transformer losses
  • 45% of demand is met by the grid

Deliver on Zero-Carbon Targets

With so many Net-Zero targets now set, the question is how do we ensure we reach them? Our experience over the last 25 years, in improving the performance of countless buildings, is that decarbonisation is very possible and readily achievable through Digital Twin technology that engages and empowers all to make a difference. 

Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) Technology

The New Environmental Digital Twin 

The Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) provides new cutting-edge digital twin technology that connects distributed energy networks, renewables, master plans, building design, operation and retrofit.

Our technology is making it possible to bridge the gap between the real world and simulation to enable the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings.

Linking IOT data, sensor readings, OpenData or any other data source into one interconnected platform, the ICL enables investigation of built environment performance at any level.

Let us introduce you to your Digital Twin 

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