IESVE 2018 is now live!

Date Published

29th Jun 2018

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

We’re excited to announce that VE 2018 is now live and available for you to download. Packed with lots of great new features, we’ve kept ease of use and faster simulation times at the heart of this release.

New VE 2018 features include:

VE Start-Up Interface

Upon opening IESVE 2018 Software you will be welcomed with a new start page. Features include:

  • Pinned Weather data, of your most common location settings.
  • New Project creation: Prototype model import options, including ASHRAE 209 prototype models.
  • Dynamic information of new events and online content (new scripts, reports, etc.).

New Daylight Simulation Enhancements

  • Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) & Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) graphics improvements and shown on working plane of 3D model viewer.
  • Contoured working planes.
  • Global processing capability to entire model for sDA and ASE
  • Rule-based daylight-sensor locations (e.g. by orientation) for daylight-harvesting.

Faster Simulation Speeds

ApacheSim is now up to 85% faster using the new parallel simulation mode.

  • Simulations can be divided by:
    • Number of cores (automatic)
    • Number of months (user choice)
  • Partial results sets can be viewed in VistaPro

Note: This feature is keyed seperately. Please contact

New VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Capabilities


Detailed VRF capabilities in ApacheHVAC include:

  • Air source VRF with heat recovery
  • Water source VRF with heat recovery
  • Fully integrated with detailed HVAC modeling (e.g. for ASHRAE 90.1 etc.)
  • Complete with performance curve data sets
  • Auto-sizable prototype systems available

For this release we are hosting a number of live webinars, roadshows and demos across the globe. To discover what’s on in your region and find out about more new features that are applicable to you, click on the relevant link below.

UK                          USA                       Canada

Europe                    Ireland                   Australia             

Asia                        Middle East             South Africa

We value your feedback and use it to direct what we develop. If there are any features you would like to see in the software please email or speak to your Account Manager.

Need help with your licence keys set-up? Email

Need technical help with using VE 2018? Email


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