Australia & New Zealand ApacheHVAC Roadshow Highlights

By Lucy Dowden on Tuesday 21 August 2018

IES’ ApacheHVAC expert from the United States, Megan Tosh, recently toured Australia and New Zealand hosting an advanced ApacheHVAC training roadshow. We asked her to share some highlights of the trip…

“The sessions were a resounding success, with over 50 very engaged participants attending," Megan told us. "I was delighted to meet so many fantastic users. It was great to see that they are very diverse in their experience with the VE and reasons for modelling buildings, but consistently knowledgeable about building sciences.

I found that many users in Australia and New Zealand don’t use the ApacheHVAC Prototype Library and there were plenty of questions from the trainees about the different systems types and control schemes within the library. I covered several of the prototype systems and broke down the details of how they each work.

A lot of trainees enjoyed learning about the ApacheHVAC controllers. Even long-time VE users learn a few tricks!  Understanding the controllers and how they interface with the System Parameters dialog empowers users to customize their HVAC systems in the VE and builds a strong foundation for evaluating system performance in VistaPro.”

We’ve received some very positive feedback from the participants, with 100% saying they would recommend the training to others.

What did our customers have to say?

“The mix of experience of the trainees was encouraging as the more experienced people brought a new level of comments/queries to the content.”

“Trainer was very energetic.”

“Megan had a lot of knowledge specifically about HVAC but also about IES in general. I liked being able to ask questions not related to the topics discussed. The difference between US and NZ standards made it harder to model a typical NZ building, but the trainer was still very good at querying results and checking that they made sense.”

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