IES MD takes his seat for COP24 2018

Date Published

29th Nov 2018

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

The UN has come up with a way to give people from around the world a new way to join the global conversation on climate change – The People’s Seat. This initiative will allow people to “virtually sit” and share their views alongside leaders, governments and representative organizations at the UN Climate Change Conference COP24, December 2-14.

In ‘taking a seat’, people from around the world have a unique opportunity to have their voices heard in The People’s Address. The People’s Address will be shaped by thousands of people from around the world who use the hashtag #TakeYourSeat to join the conversation on climate change. The People’s Address will be delivered by Sir David Attenborough from The People’s Seat at the COP24 plenary on 3 December and will be broadcast on social media around the world.

After the recent IPCC report was published, we responded with our own plea to the building industry to #pushforchange. In order to meet the dramatic carbon reductions set out by this report, the building industry needs to make big changes, fast.

Buildings have changed much over recent years, but the way we design, handover and operate them hasn’t. The industry needs to shake off its ‘slow to change’ malaise and catch up with other industries in their use of digital technology and data.

The technology required to make these changes is not a thing of the future, it is here and available now. The industry needs to embrace this technology and use it to its full potential, and to do this we need the backing of governments around the world.

Watch the video below where our Managing Director Don McLean, takes his seat to share his views for the People’s Seat initiative.

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