IESVE 2019 is now available!

Date Published

2nd Jul 2019

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

We’re delighted to announce that IESVE 2019 is now available via our download centre.

IESVE 2019 offers a common theme of reduced simulation times, new metrics and new ‘easy-to-use’ workflows. Here’s some of the key features of the new release:

New Schematic Geometry Wizard

The new schematic geometry wizard offers a quick start and simplified approach to geometry and model creation.

  • Enter building orientation & footprint (building type, shape, storeys etc.) and an entire model is prepared for you in one click

Solar Algorithm Enhancement

SunCast and ApacheSim have been enhanced to enable solar tracking through non-connected zones and translucent shades.

  • Translucent surfaces, such as glass brise soleil, can now be modelled
  • Algorithm can track the path of the sun through non-connected zones – previously only possible through connected zones
  • Meshes or lattice shading devices can now be modelled with a single transparent surface drastically reduced computation and modelling times

HVAC Systems Wizard

HVAC Systems can now be streamlined in 5 easy steps or less!

  • Simple and initiative UI for system creation, assignment and calculations
  • Zoning, airside and waterside can be selected from list
  • Full HVAC systems including proposed and baseline models plus ASHRAE loads calculations, sizing and reports created within minutes

Note: CIBSE Loads calculations to follow

RadianceIES Enhancements

Daylighting simulation times reduced!

  • RadianceIES simulations can now be carried out quicker via Accelerad – up to 20 times quicker!
    • Accelerad uses the power of the GPU to provide faster static and dynamic simulations.
    • The more powerful the GPU the faster your simulation will be.
    • Email to get access to this feature.
  • Sky resolution enhancements can speed up your simulation by 25%!
  • Daylight Glare Probability Metric – developed in line with customer feedback

To find out about more new features specific to your region please visit 

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