The Future of Digital Twins: Changing the Built Environment

Date Published

19th Aug 2019

Lucy Dowden
UK Marketing Manager

Niyaa people are partnering with IES in the aim to get construction professionals together to discuss changes within the built environment. Complimenting the IES team, special guest Robin Thom, Director of Green Heat Ltd, will be also be discussing Energy Efficiency and Sustainability for UK Construction, from planning to building regulations compliance. He will look at the BREEAM targets and methods for getting carbon reduction to stack up commercially right now and into the future.

In 2019 IES launched its cutting-edge Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) platform, new environmental Digital Twin technology for healthy, sustainable communities. Aimed at revolutionising smart city development through the incorporation of sustainable analysis, it allows the performance of any built environment to be investigated.

This event will give insight into the uptake of digital construction techniques at the moment and the rise of the Digital Twin in the AEC market.

Real-life examples will be presented showing how new toolsets have been used on a variety of different projects all with different objectives; from community engagement, to improvement of operational performance at scale through retrofits, to energy management of existing buildings and community energy and solar assessments. You’ll also get an introduction to the IES Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) technology, explaining the features of each product:

  • iCIM/iPIM/Command Centre - connect all ICL tools across a community or portfolio and engage and communicate the important information
  • iCD - 3D sustainable urban design and early stage master planning
  • iVN - integrated energy network design & analysis
  • iSCAN - a single platform to optimise the operational performance of buildings

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