Dave's top 3 IESVE 2019 updates

Date Published

27th Aug 2019

David Pierce
Senior Technical Consultant, IES

Dave's "top tip" 3: So the latest version of IESVE is out (2019). This time rather than a top tip, I wanted to bring your attention to some of the inclusions within the update.

I’m going to start with my favourite update... Integration of the Radiance properties into the construction manager. AT LAST! I have been waiting for this for quite a while. I know there were good reasons to not include this in previous versions and changes have now made this possible, but integration of all the construction variables in one place for use in each application is perfect.

So whether you are in the template manager, Apache or Radiance, all reflectance properties, and material colours can be input within the RadianceIES tab within the construction manager.

That goes for the glazing transmittance values, and even better the software will derive the glazing transmissivity from your visible light transmittance if you wish it to do so.

The next update is the inclusion of the Energy Output Report. For me exporting and using the outputs to display the results in the manner I see to be most effective is not really an issue, but I think this will give a clear breakdown that’s required to understand your building or site energy consumption and carbon emissions. I can see this being used as a summary of results within quite a few reports as well as people using it for a quick comparison of iterative results.

Next... Translucent shades. Another great function that I think will affect the majority of users. Whether this is overhangs or brise soleil, I am sure you will all use it to your benefit. And again, the use of the properties within the construction manager will aid the speed of modification and application of material properties.

Remember, there is now a function within the properties dialog box to turn on and off sun tracking through non-connected spaces, and if you do use the translucent shade tool this function is automatically turned on.

So I picked just 3 of my favourite updates, but there are many more including:

  • The ApacheHVAC wizard
  • Daylight Glare Probability calculation
  • Updates to make radiance faster
  • Geometry Wizard 
  • Updates to building regulations

This does all lead to a top tip. Something I have been guilty of previously and regretted it later on once finding out something I had missed. Always download and read through the release notes. It does not take long and you will always find a few tips to help, and remember that if you do have any questions, always ask! We are here to support and help you get the best out of your IES software.

Click here to learn more about the New 2019 VE features.

Go to the download page and under the VE 2019 installation file is the release notes to download and read.

If you need any further information on any of the updates or applications please contact sales@iesve.com 

If you have any ideas for Top Tips to help engineers get the most of VE please let Dave know: david.pierce@iesve.com

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