Accelerad now making RadianceIES faster

Date Published

7th Oct 2019

David Pierce
Senior Technical Consultant, IES

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Accelerad could make your RadianceIES calculations up to 20 times faster. 

So, a plug-in is now available within the new 2019 version of the IESVE. This can allow faster RadianceIES simulations making use of your dedicated graphics card GPU.

Accelerad is a free suite of tools designed to increase the speed of both lighting and daylighting analysis and visualisation. It was developed by Nathaniel Jones at the MIT Sustainable Design Lab, and created to aid the popular Radiance software suite developed by Greg Ward at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Accelerad makes use of a CUDA-enabled Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to run customised versions of the 3 Radiance calculations (rpict, rtrace and rcontrib). 

This feature can only be used with certain graphics processors, but this means if you can take advantage, you could see large reduction in run times on your sensor calculations, luminance images and also your dynamic simulations (ASE, UDI, and sDA).


  1. Discuss this with
  2. Review the guidance available from IES
  3. Confirm you have a relevant GPU
  4. Request for the additional VE licence required
  5. Switch this on via Tools>> Preferences
  6. Discuss with support the best setup of Radiance parameters
  7. And then start running simulations as normal

Contact for more details and guidance.

Click here to learn more about the use of Accelerad.

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