R2M Solution Win IES Reseller of the Year 2019

Date Published

8th Oct 2019

Johan Haeberle
Business Development Manager, IES

We're delighted to announce that R2M Solution have been named this year's IES Reseller of the Year. This Italian engineering consultancy society won thanks to the goals reached and the consolidated network created on the territory.

What is R2M Solution?

R2M Solution is a company based in Italy, France, Spain and the UK that aims to reduce the gap between research and market, as the name recalls “R2M - Research to Market”. Being involved in a relevant portfolio of European funded projects H2020 as innovation leaders and exploitation partner, R2M has become a key distributor of a series of robust and innovative products and H2020 results in the area of sustainability, digitalization energy efficiency in the real estate sector.

IES and R2M have a long lasting collaboration also on EU R&D projects (FP7 and H2020) in which R2M and IES have been partnering to develop market demand features in the IES suite. These projects include:

  • REEMAIN - Resource and Energy Efficient Manufacturing              
  • 4RinEU - Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU          
  • BIM4REN - Tools and technologies based on BIM towards fast and efficient renovation of residential buildings
  • +CITYXCHANGE - Positive City ExChange
  • EENVEST - Risk reduction for Building Energy Efficiency investments

The Italian real estate and consultancy market is evolving with an increasing focus on sustainability and international rating schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, and in this framework R2M plays a fundamental role in driving the change, capitalizing knowledge and introducing innovative solutions to key stakholders. Normally stakeholders involved in sustainability certifications are interested in value added solutions therefore R2M is the perfect gateway between EU research innovative solutions and leading products in EU and the markets in which R2M operates on the consulting firm. R2M is also very active in the Green Buidling Council Italia occupying a seat in the board, the direction of both the Lombardia chapter and the Energy Atmosphere technical committee.

GBC play a big role and the Real Estate marker is currently quite active in Italy with the metropolitan area of Milan in the leading seat. Milan is the 5th city in EU for a number of certified sustainable buildings and is expected to be the first metropolitan area in the EU for Real Estate investment between 2020 and 2030 besides hosting the winter Olympics in 2026.

R2M is the reference for IES on the Italian territory, offering:


Training helps professionals approaching building simulation modelling, spreading knowledge and the methodology with IESVE. R2M organizes regularly training courses on IESVE with quality mark of GBC Italia and offering specific training to companies. R2M, thanks to the well-established relation with Politecnico of Milano, provides lessons to the Master Pesenti school on the energy dynamic simulation.


Strong from the experience gathered with the IESVE simulation modelling, R2M offers a wide range of consultancy services, from the support on the energy modelling through the IESVE team of the society to the international rating schemes.

Support on IESVE

As Italian exclusive resellers, R2M is always connected to all its clients, managing the licenses, technical offers and being always the reference for any local request or support.

R2M Solution believes strongly in the IES Manifesto to save the planet and wants to be part of the change!

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