Top DiscoverIES posts of 2020

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21st Dec 2020

Lucy Dowden
VE Marketing Manager

As we prepare to draw the curtains on DiscoverIES for 2020, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the most popular DiscoverIES posts we’ve had throughout the year.

We’ve crunched the numbers to bring you the top most read articles of 2020. From new features to technical tips from our experts, you can explore the posts below.

Got something you’d like to see featured in DiscoverIES in 2021? Feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

We’ll be back with more IES thoughts, insight and resources in 2021! 

> Climate Change: The Slow Motion Pandemic

Our CEO Don McLean discusses what lessons can be learned from our handling of the coronavirus pandemic, what principles can we take from government responses targeted at slowing down, and leading towards mitigation, of COVID-19, and how can these be applied to the Climate Change problem.

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> ASHRAE Heating & Cooling Load Calculations

In this article, Liam Buckley highlights three of the ASHRAE Heat Balance Method concepts.

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> Simulating Ventilation Strategies to Reduce Risks of Indoor Infectious Disease Transmission

This article highlights some of the most common ventilation system strategies being simulated by practitioners in 2020. 

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> Multiple Cooling Tower Control Strategies in IESVE

This technical article compares the predicted energy consumption of different cooling tower control strategies when the building cooling load is known, and the chiller(s) design has been established. 

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> Dave's top RadianceIES features

Dave Pierce highlights his favourite updates to RadianceIES. 

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