IES in the Press – Raising awareness of the built environment’s climate impact and solutions

Date Published

21st Dec 2021

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

Public awareness around Climate Change has been increasing steadily over the past few years with more and more media outlets publishing stories and leading their own climate awareness campaigns, rallying for more action to be taken to reduce carbon emissions and avert the world from the dangerous consequences of global warming. 

One area that is often overlooked however, is our built environment. The sector accounts for a startling figure of almost 40% of global carbon emissions and with humans spending on average 90% of our time in buildings, it’s an area which effects everyone. 

This year we made an extra effort to raise awareness and educate more people on the role that buildings and cities can play in addressing the climate crisis, and highlight the innovative solutions, such as Digital Twins, to show how we can get the sector to zero. 

Here’s some of our top picks from this year’s press coverage…

Herald Scotland

How 'digital twin' technology from IES can help build a sustainable future for all

The Sunday Times Climate Change Report 2021

Physics-based Digital Twins Hold the Key to a Decarbonised Built Environment

The Metro

Meet the Glasgow Climate Pioneers

Facilities Management Journal (FMJ)

Net-Zero 2050: Built environment sector questions feasibility

Computer Weekly

How software can help clean up emission-intensive industries


Green technologies take centre stage in immersive version of Glasgow city icons at COP26

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