Successful first year for SunHorizon project

Date Published

6th Nov 2019

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

The H2020 funded project SunHorizon has had a successful first year with all activities being realised smoothly, submitting 13 deliverables and 1 milestone. The 4 year project aims to demonstrate innovative heat pump solutions that, coupled and managed properly with advanced solar panels, can reduce the Heating & Cooling needs of new and refurbished residential and/tertiary buildings.

The Project Consortium met in September this year where the 21 partners each presented what has been implemented in the first year of the project. They also discussed the next steps for the following 3 years of the project.

Particular attention was expressed on the 8 demo sites and their upcoming technical activities.


SunHorizon will combine thermal compression, adsorption, reversible heat pump solutions with advanced solar panels such as Hybrid PV-Thermal panels in 5 technology packages to be applied in 8 demonstration sites across various EU climates, also integrated with Thermal Storage, towards their mutual cost-effectiveness, performance increasing and facilitating their building integration.

You can find out more about the project via this short video:

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