VE User of the Year Award, North American Winner – Miles Martschink: ASHRAE Loads, Automation by Python, and Airflow with CFD

Date Published

24th Feb 2021

Liam Buckley
Vice-President, IES North America

Meet Miles Martschink; the North American regional winner of our 2020 VE User of the year competition.  To celebrate Miles’ winning entry, we wish to highlight the impressive analytical simulation and efficient workflow automation.

Miles began using IESVE software in 2017, initially for Building Energy Modeling purposes, but found the integrated APACHE tools easier & faster to use that their traditional load calculation software.  In order to successfully streamline the adoption of IESVE for loads calculations at RMF, he developed an automated export function, using a VE-Script, written in Python.  This VE-Script writes loads data into an RFM-formatted spreadsheet which combines airflow sizing, ASHRAE 62.1 Calculations, ASHRAE 170 Calculations, ACH Calculations, Air Balances and VAV Sizing.  The automation solution was adopted at RMF and ensures the highest level of accuracy for their mechanical engineers while also eliminating the risk of user-error. 

On a recent HVAC-replacement project, Miles was required to present a thermal comfort solution in a tall atrium space which had an old failed radiant floor heating system that had unfortunately developed corrosion in the underground piping over many years. Miles used the MicroFlo Application for CFD simulation to analyze an option of adding a new unidirectional diffuser to supply warm air during extreme winter weather. The suggested design option intended to destratify the warm air at high level and mix the warm air down at the lower occupant level to 60°F (15.5°C), which was acceptable for that transient space.  

This CFD simulation ensured that the most cost-effective solution was chosen to achieve acceptable occupant thermal comfort. 

Miles’ ability to use simulation tools & techniques to design efficient & reliable HVAC systems is only made more impressive by using those same tools to simultaneously save energy & cost for both his clients and for RMF Engineering Inc. Congrats to Miles, he is an embodiment of engineering efficiency and we salute you. 

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