31st Oct 2021

COP26: After the Pandemic



After the Pandemic presents 12 days of exhibitions, workshops, presentations and performances aimed at helping our cities and communities become greener, more resilient and vibrant. Visit the IES exhibit where you can engage with project case studies from across Scotland, video content and other interactive elements, showcasing our legacy as a Glasgow-based climate tech leader for the built environment. This free event is open to all. 

IES Research Lead, Adalberto Guerra Carbrera, will also be presenting at the event on Thursday 11th November from 4:15pm - 5pm GMT. Adalberto will explain how our Digital Twin technology is helping to create energy efficient, zero-carbon built environments around the world. He’ll also be engaging with Strathclyde’s Engineers Without Borders, to give their take on the role that the engineers of the future can play in making zero-carbon buildings and cities a reality. To watch the presentation via livestream click here

Location: Strathclyde Union | The University of Strathclyde

Dates: 31st October - 12th November

Find out more about After the Pandemic here.

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31st Oct 2021


Strath Union
The University of Strathclyde
G1 1XN

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