October 5th 2022

Free Webinar: IES Interoperability Update

Free Webinar: IES Interoperability Update

Join the IES team for the latest update on interoperability with IES technology and how through the use of new developments and better data exchange options, you can speed up the design process and facilitate true digital design and operation.

This webinar will cover:

  • IMPORT architectural models easily into IESVE:
    • Demonstration of the NEW Pollination process Revit/Rhino to IESVE
    • Demonstration of the updated gbXML process Revit to IESVE
  • EXPORT IESVE models easily to: 
    • Design platforms (MagiCAD, StabbiCAD, MEPWorx), 
    • PL1 SAP (Quidos – JPA), 
    • LCA (OneCLickLCA)
    • IES Technology (SCAN, Calibration Tool)
  • Exclusive first look at the new IES Calibration modelling tool – calibrating models has never been this quick before! 

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  • October 5th 2022
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