December 13th 2022

Building Simulation & Optimisation 2022

Building Simulation & Optimisation 2022

We're pleased to be sponsoring IBPSA-England's Building Simulation and Optimisation Online Conference this year, from 13th to 14th December.

IBPSA-England's Sixth Conference will be hosted by the University of Bath, and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which focus on gathering all countries in a global partnership to develop a sustainable future for people and the planet. The Global South alone is expected to nearly double current global built floor space by 2050, driven primarily by growth in urbanisation. There is a need to design buildings in the Global South to be carbon, energy and health optimised from the get-go. But first there are significant challenges to overcome around equity, access, localisation, fitness-to-purpose, cultural sensitivity and cost. This conference will provoke thought and gather knowledge on how we can address these challenges at scale and with speed. Find out more here

IES' Niall Gibson, Senior Business Development Manager, will be delivering a presentation on Future of Simulation and Optimisation, on Wednesday 14th at 15:15.

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  • December 13th 2022
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