June 13th 2023

Free Webinar: What are Digital Twins and how can they support Food & Drink Manufacturers on the path to Net-Zero?

Free Webinar: What are Digital Twins and how can they support Food & Drink Manufacturers on the path to Net-Zero?

Date: 13 June 2023
Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Against a backdrop of looming net-zero targets and spiralling energy costs, food and drink manufacturers - like many others - are falling under increasing pressure to increase the efficiency of their operations and decarbonise. However, with multiple production lines, data sources and systems to manage, alongside the facility buildings, it can be difficult to pinpoint where efforts are best focused.

Advancements in technology and, more specifically, Digital Twins, can present exciting opportunities to address many of these challenges simultaneously. By providing a virtual copy of your facility, which responds and behaves like its real-world counterpart, a digital twin can provide many useful applications to help monitor, analyse and optimise the current performance of your site, while simulating the impact of future changes before they are implemented. De-risking key decisions and ensuring investments and operational changes are made where they will have greatest impact.

While many manufacturers may already be using digital twins to optimise the performance of their production processes, few are scaling its application beyond the production line to encompass their factory buildings and energy networks to unlock their full potential.

In this free webinar, hosted by the Food & Drink Federation (FDF), leading digital twin technology and consultancy provider, IES, will share their insights on how food and drink manufacturers can do exactly that. We will cover:

  • What is a digital twin?
  • How can digital twins help food & drink manufacturers optimise the performance of their production lines & buildings simultaneously?
  • What opportunities does the technology present in key areas such as:
    • Decarbonisation roadmapping
    • Operating your facility more efficiently to reduce energy consumption/costs
    • Exploring the potential for local energy production/renewables (due diligence planning) & waste heat recovery
    • ESG strategies
  • Live technology demonstration
  • Q&A

NOTE: This event is open to both FDF and non-FDF members, however attendees will need to register on the FDF site in order complete their event booking.

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  • June 13th 2023
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