Changes to lodging EPCs through JPA Designer Software

Date Published

30th Jun 2020

Lucy Dowden
VE Marketing Manager

As you may know, in December 2019 JPA Technical Literature was purchased by the Quidos Group of Companies. This has allowed JPA to continue to provide customers with updated software for the foreseeable future.

If you are currently a JPA user then this new partnership will affect you if you wish to lodge any domestic EPCs.

What's changing? 

This initial release of the software, due for imminent release, will allow you to continue using the software and lodging EPCs as the industry moves to using a new Energy Assessment Register later this summer.

As part of these changes, an exclusive relationship between JPA and Quidos Accreditation Scheme has been formed and as of midnight on 3rd July 2020 only Quidos accredited Energy Assessors will be able to lodge EPCs through JPA designer software. Any IESVE users who are accredited with other schemes will need to become Quidos accredited in order to lodge EPCs through JPA. This will not affect those users who do not lodge EPCs.

How do I get accredited? 

JPA and Quidos welcome Assessors who are accredited with other schemes to seamlessly transition to become Quidos Members. The accreditation process is simple, and membership for JPA users will be free for the first year. The membership includes technical support, industry representation and insurance cover for any EPCs lodged through the JPA software.

Quidos will be prioritising applications from current JPA users to ensure a smooth transition for the deadline of 3rd July. To get set up please visit and click the 'Join' button in the menu bar. Lodgement prices can be found here.

Any questions? 

If you have any questions please contact JPA directly by emailing or call 01225 667145.

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