IESVE Officially Approved for Compliance with NECB 2017

Date Published

20th Apr 2021

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

Only tool capable of automatically creating the NECB 2017 reference building and reports

We’re delighted to announce that the IESVE has been officially approved by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2017 (NECB). IESVE is the only tool in Canada capable of automatically creating the NECB 2017 reference building and reports. The new NECB 2017 Workflow Navigator allows for the sizing, simulation, and reporting of a building design compared against the reference building while integrating the requirements of the NECB. 

NECB 2017 sets out technical requirements for the energy efficient design and construction of new buildings. This is an important step toward Canada’s goal for new buildings, as presented in the Pan-Canadian Framework, of achieving ‘Net Zero Energy Ready (NZER)’ buildings by 2030. The NECB 2017 supports this goal by reducing the overall thermal transmittance of roofs, fenestration and doors; reducing losses through thermal bridging in building assemblies; and, reducing the allowable percentage of skylight area.

We will be hosting a number of free 1 hour web demos throughout April and May, demonstrating how to automatically generate the NECB 2017 Compliance Reference Model and Compliance Report. You can register for these via:

A live online training course will also be held to teach users how to perform NECB 2017 Compliance Modeling for Part 3 Buildings in Canada. The instructor will use example modeling procedures and techniques, covering a number of NECB compliance requirements. Please contact us to register your interest.

If you are not an IESVE user and would like to find out more about how you can use the IESVE for NECB 2017 compliance, please contact us. You can also take a 30 day free trial of the IESVE and get started with compliance today.

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