Panel Discussion: Building Digital Twins

Date Published

29th Sep 2021

Suzanne Wallace
Media & Communications Manager, IES

As Glasgow gears up to host COP26 - a generation defining event that will draw together global leaders to tackle one of the greatest threats to humanity – severe climate change - can Scottish innovation provide the solution? We believe the answer is yes. 

Buildings and cities are currently one of the single greatest contributors to energy use and related carbon emissions worldwide. They therefore present one of the greatest opportunities for decarbonisation.

This webinar, in association with the Herald, discusses how Digital Twin Technology is a key enabler to decarbonising the built environment. Join our Founder and CEO Don McLean, our Associate Director of ICL Consultancy Valeria Ferrando, and Pollok Park Project Manager, John McLean of Glasgow City Council as they discuss the huge potential impact Digital Twin technology will have on meeting net-zero targets and combatting climate change, using the example of Glasgow’s famous Pollok Park and its surrounding buildings. 

Check out The Herald's website for more details.

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