February 4th 2021

VE User of the Year Award Global Winner – Mike Radio: Curtain Walls, Chilled Beams and Cogeneration

VE User of the Year Award Global Winner – Mike Radio: Curtain Walls, Chilled Beams and Cogeneration

We recently announced the winners of our brand new VE User of the year competition. To celebrate them, we will be posting case studies of their entries over the coming weeks and months. The first case study to be showcased is that of our highly-esteemed global winner, Mike Radio.

Mike is the youngest Associate Principal at Ballinger, an integrated architecture and engineering firm in Philadelphia. As a mechanical engineer and power user of IESVE since 2013, Mike’s submission to the ‘VE User of the Year’ was selected as the global winner for his innovative use of the VE and its applications in the following ways:

1.    He used IESVE to help develop frameworks to meet long-term net-zero, carbon neutral targets for The University of Michigan and Swarthmore College. 

2.    The IESVE ModelIT Application was used to develop a 6 million square foot campus (~550,000 m2) and the ApacheHVAC Application to calibrate against existing heating & cooling load profiles. ModelIT’s ‘Layer Properties’ was used as a key feature to isolate individual buildings for heating & cooling load assessment with ApacheHVAC. 

3.       IESVE was used to elevate the load calculation modeling (ASHRAE Loads in APACHE) and Building Energy Modeling (ApacheSim) for clients around the country accounting for a range of passive (architectural/daylighting) and active (HVAC) high-performance sustainable designs, often contributing to LEED certification by improving against ASHRAE 90.1 minimum baselines.

The analytical range of Mike’s submission impressed us all; from simple curtain-wall assessments, to sizing chilled beams and onto integrating on-site cogeneration with central plants; all coupled with the IESVE VistaPro graphics demonstrated the highest level of performance modeling excellence. A well-deserved winner. Congratulations Mike!

Read Mike's full award submission.