March 11th 2021

VE User Award – Anthony Scaccia, TLC: High-Performance in Healthcare – from ASHRAE 209 to ASHRAE 170

VE User Award – Anthony Scaccia, TLC: High-Performance in Healthcare – from ASHRAE 209 to ASHRAE 170

As we continue to highlight the great work of our VE User Award prize winners, we move on to our Runners-up. First up is Anthony Scaccia, Mechanical Engineer from TLC Engineering Solutions.

For his entry, Anthony showcased how he used IESVE Software to perform a range of architectural optimization studies and evaluate a range of HVAC-related efficiency measures for a confidential 1M ft2 high-performance healthcare project. 
The complex project is a mix of new construction, renovation and replacement central energy plant.  By using ASHRAE Standard 209 for “Energy Simulation Aided Design”, TLC were able to analyze detailed façade elements on a micro-scale and evaluate the energy demand from entire 1M ft2 site on a macro-scale. 

Integration with Architecture:  Evaluation of detailed façade elements helped to optimize for Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA); Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE); reduce solar heat gain and maintain architectural aesthetics.  Detailed façade simulations informed design by coupling customized shading assemblies with electrochromic glazing. The major benefit of this façade analysis allowed the calculated cooling airflow rates to align towards the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 170.  

HVAC Design and Building Energy Modeling (BEM):  A large Healthcare facility in a hot & humid climate poses many energy-related challenges. However, with constant demands for heating, cooling and outside air; many opportunities to reclaim heat and water were uncovered by using ApacheHVAC.

  • Water:  Condensate recovery from the cooling coils helped to offset the large evaporation losses from the cooling towers.  
  • Energy: Feasibility of energy conservation measures included passive pre-heating; airside energy recovery, heat recovery chillers, and series counter-flow chillers. 

Building Codes & Green Building Ratings:  Automated reports from IESVE Software have been submitted for Florida Energy Code Compliance and the project hopes to obtain LEED Gold status with 35% energy cost savings and 42% energy savings against the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Baseline model. 

We congratulate Anthony on his success in these awards. Keep up the great work!