August 3rd 2021

IES Wind Microclimate Studies support Successful Planning Applications

IES Wind Microclimate Studies support Successful Planning Applications

When it comes to new developments, a crucial consideration is the impact your development might have upon the local microclimate. This is one area where Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses can play an important role in ensuring the comfort and safety of a site from the early design stages, helping to comply with relevant standards and mandatory requirements.

External seating areas including gardens, parks, balconies, restaurants, and other public spaces can all be affected by downwash from the wind against the buildings' exterior, or by any acceleration of wind that may occur as a result of funnelling due to close proximity of these buildings. These effects can occur simultaneously, causing discomfort to users of such public spaces, and there can even be occasions where the air speeds produced could be considered dangerous to even pedestrians walking near to or around a development.

IES Consulting are able to help carry out detailed CFD analyses from conceptual stage to help incorporate features in your design that minimise unwanted flow accelerations. This includes the ability to carry out a virtual wind tunnel analysis of the site, incorporating detailed terrain shape and surrounding buildings to provide the best representation of the flow around the site. With year round air speed predictions for any point on your site, these CFD studies mean we can check for compliance against pedestrian comfort and safety standards, such as Lawson's Criterion, as well as checking other regulations and mandatory requirements, making it possible to design the best wind mitigation features to ensure comfort and safety is prioritised across your development.

For some recent examples of our work, check out our latest Pedestrian Comfort case studies via the links below. In both cases, IES Consulting were able to support the client in meeting Lawson’s Comfort Criterion to obtain the relevant planning permissions for their developments:

Golf Lane, Dublin, Ireland - Wind Study for Planning

Southwest Gate, Dublin, Ireland - Wind Study for Planning

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