January 11th 2019

ASHRAE's New Hourly Profiles for Plug Loads

ASHRAE's New Hourly Profiles for Plug Loads

The December 2018 Feature of ASHRAE’s eSociety highlighted the updated weekday & weekend power consumption profiles for various office equipment. These new sub-hourly profiles were developed as a result of ASHRAE Research Project (1742-RP) for comparison against peak load factors listed in the 2017 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. 

Currently, the more popular source of plug load profiles are from the ASHRAE 90.1 User Manual (UM), often used for LEED Energy Modeling or Code Compliance Modeling. 

How do they Compare?

If you are curious to know how these newer ASHRAE Handbook profiles compare against the existing ASHRAE 90.1 User Manual profiles, the resultant variation is in the range of a 40-62% reduction of plug-load energy consumption, depending on the type of office equipment. For example, a 2-screen laptop docking station (LDS) per occupant will result in a predicted 52% reduction, when compared to an ASHRAE 90.1 baseline with 90.1 UM profiles. This includes one printer for every 10 people. 

However, it is notable that there is an increase in plug-load power usage during the nighttime & weekend periods when the newer ASHRAE profiles are simulated, as shown in the sub-hourly graph (below-right).

Free Template

To import the new ASHRAE Profiles into IESVE/Apache for a more accurate simulation of office plug loads, download the free template from the IES Content Store.