December 12th 2022

Free Download: The edie Net-Zero November 2022 Summary Report

Free Download: The edie Net-Zero November 2022 Summary Report

Incorporating exclusive COP27 coverage, high-level interviews, themed podcast episodes and a dedicated Net-Zero Action online event, edie’s Net- Zero November campaign delivered up a bumper month of content designed to help businesses raise their sustainability ambitions and accelerate climate action. 

To summarise all the key developments, announcements and initiatives, as well as capturing the key messages of thought leaders, edie has partnered with IES to create a post-COP business report on how net-zero will evolve moving forward.

Making it happen: The Net-Zero November 2022 Summary Report summarises all the key announcements and discussion points from Net-Zero November, and is designed to act as a blueprint for business leadership as we begin to move from ambition into action. 

From the key news stories, to soundbites from world leaders and climate experts, this report covers all net-zero facets from green policy to innovation, to the built environment and the energy crisis, to help businesses turn ambitions and targets into action and progress.

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