The Problem With New York’s Skyscrapers

We are very excited to feature in a new film by Tomorrow’s Build, the YouTube channel brought to you by the people at The B1M. Tomorrow's Build looks at emerging ideas and what trailblazers are doing today that will determine the future of how we build. It is designed to change how we build on this planet, through improving buildings, infrastructure, sustainable methods, new technology and innovation.

Their latest film examines the energy challenges facing New York’s skyscrapers and shows how our Sleeping Digital Twin approach can help improve the energy performance of buildings in this city and beyond.

Using the Sleeping Digital Twin process, IES can re-awaken any static model as an intelligent performance digital twin that is useable across your building’s entire lifecycle. Unleashing the potential to monitor and optimise the performance of your building in real time; simulate future ‘what-if’ scenarios and technologies to map your route to zero-carbon; and analyse a range of performance metrics encompassing energy, costs, comfort, health & wellbeing and more.