How tech is cutting energy waste and boosting efficiency in manufacturing

Today, IES have teamed up with Raconteur in launching a new insight report, exploring how recent technology advancements are helping to cut energy waste and boost efficiency across the manufacturing sector – particularly when it comes to their buildings.

Written by independent journalists, Raconteur’s online insight reports provide a deep dive into the issues shaping businesses today. With commentary from a range of both third party and IES experts, this latest insight considers the many challenges which the manufacturing sector faces to address impending net-zero carbon targets; discussing the solutions that exist to support this transition, while targeting additional near-term energy efficiency and operational optimisation opportunities.

If you’re interested to learn more, you can now access the insight at the link below, where you will also find examples of ground-breaking low carbon industrial buildings, alongside expert opinion on how the sector can scale the use of cutting-edge digital twin technology beyond the production line to encompass the factory buildings as well, maximising energy, carbon, cost and waste heat opportunities on the route to net-zero.

Read the full report at: