October 19th 2023

The Power of Heat Decarbonisation Plans in the Built Environment

The Power of Heat Decarbonisation Plans in the Built Environment

Are you an engineer working on heat decarbonisation projects? Heat decarbonisation plans will become crucial for buildings, campuses and cities to achieve their net-zero targets.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the heat decarbonisation in the UK and Ireland, by seeing how data-driven insights and advanced modelling tools can streamline the process.

Join us for an enlightening 1-hour webinar that will empower you to change your approach to heat decarbonisation planning. We will showcase IES' range of cutting-edge software solutions that aid in the creation of efficient and effective decarbonisation plans for heating systems across all client types.

This session will cover:

  • An introduction to heat decarbonisation
  • Understanding the importance of decarbonising heat, its challenges, and its role in achieving global climate goals
  • Exploring the software solutions simplifying the creation of a heat decarbonisation plan:
    • Heat Decarbonisation Masterplanning
    • Survey Data Hosting
    • Heat Pump Analysis and Sizing
    • District Heating Modelling
    • Assessing Operating Strategies
  • An exclusive technology demonstration
  • Case studies and best practice examples
  • A live Q&A with our speakers:
    • Ian Pyburn - Business Development Manager, IES
    • Laurie McKelvie - ICL Senior Operations Consultant, IES