November 21st 2023

Generate a design team responsibilities report in 60 seconds with IES TaP

Generate a design team responsibilities report in 60 seconds with IES TaP

As a BREEAM Assessor, do you find yourself spending hours generating endless reports to clarify responsibilities with your design team? With its comprehensive reporting functionality, IES TaP can help take the pain out of this process, allowing you to generate a clear design team responsibilities report in as little as 60 seconds.

Assigning clear responsibilities and ensuring effective communication and transparency amongst design team members is a crucial component in delivering any successful BREEAM project. However, with multiple different disciplines and roles involved, each holding responsibility for potentially hundreds of different pieces of evidence, it can be challenging to keep track of who is responsible for what and to maintain visibility of progress across the design team.

Having access to an online project management system, such as IES TaP, which can help to automate and streamline the evidence tracking process can prove particularly invaluable in ensuring that tasks are clearly allocated, communicated and tracked across the entire design team.

While typical approaches might see responsibilities assigned simply by organisation, it is important to remember that there could be multiple design team members that sit below this level, each taking responsibility for their own specific tasks. This means a greater level of granularity and accountability is necessary to ensure that each individual design team member has absolute clarity on the responsibilities which relate specifically to their role, to avoid things getting lost in the ether. Using the IES TaP online project management system the BREEAM assessor can manage the precise allocation of responsibilities to individual team members rather than to an entire organisation. The standard IES TaP project template includes the list of project team roles that would generally be responsible for providing the documented evidence.  So, once the project team member has been appointed to the project, the team member can be placed into the corresponding role on the TaP project and the team member will automatically be assigned the responsibilities associated with the role. 

With communication amongst the team being of such importance, the IES TaP system also streamlines the process of capturing and managing meeting notes, with the online accessible nature of the platform allowing updates to be captured directly in the system while a meeting is taking place. Users can easily tag and organise meeting notes within the platform, creating a centralised repository where everything has its place and can be easily found. This can significantly reduce the admin time involved in compiling notes after a session has taken place, freeing up vital time for other important tasks. 

The report centre within IES TaP serves as a powerful tool for generating comprehensive reports throughout a project which can be very quickly and easily filtered to show any outstanding actions for a specific design team member or indeed include any meeting notes as required. This can save significant time and effort when compared against the more simplistic approaches traditionally employed using spreadsheets. The system also enables users to generate different report types in just a few clicks, including high-level summaries, traffic light reports, and more detailed reports, providing flexibility in viewing project progress as required.

Ultimately, the IES TaP system offers an intuitive interface and comprehensive selection of reporting options that can greatly enhance the communication process, improving project transparency and streamlining traditional processes so you can deliver more projects successfully while maximising your time.

IES TaP is a secure, cost effective and easy to use online project management system to streamline, manage and automate the certification process for BREEAM, LEED® and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. To find out more, visit or sign up for a free web demo.