April 15th 2024

New technology partnership brings Passivent ventilation products to IESVE

New technology partnership brings Passivent ventilation products to IESVE

We’re delighted to announce our technology partnership with Passivent to make a number of their natural and hybrid ventilation products available to model within the IESVE. The first being the Passivent Airscoop® Roof Ventilation Terminal which is now available as part of our latest IESVE Feature Pack 5, providing a fast, streamlined and easy-to-use method of simulating the effect of Passivent Roof Terminals within VE models.   

A dedicated VE Navigator has been created to guide users through a stepped process, from importing the products into your model, configuring their operation, preparing, and applying to rooms, thermal simulation and compliance analysis.

Passivent are specialists in natural and hybrid ventilation products, providing sustainable and energy efficient solutions for improved air quality and natural daylight. The agreement with IES will see more Passivent products become available over another two phases; currently planned for the summer VE2024 release and the other planned for in Autumn. 

The Passivent Airscoop® is a range of roof mounted natural ventilation terminals which provide  displacement ventilation to large buildings and deep plan spaces. They are designed to ‘capture’ prevailing wind and direct it via four separate chambers within the terminal to the space beneath.  The optimised segmented design delivers maximum airflow capacity with minimal pressure drop through the system and the complete separation of chambers prevents ‘short circuiting’. 

All Passivent Roof Terminals include an intelligent and fully automatic control system dependant on season, external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ) to ensure the lowest possible energy use - in terms of both the energy consumption of the ventilation system and overall building energy usage.   

To find out more visit https://www.iesve.com/software/virtual-environment/passivent-airscoop