May 31st 2024

IES and Mott MacDonald set to lead country’s largest local area energy plan

IES and Mott MacDonald set to lead country’s largest local area energy plan

IES are excited to be working alongside Mott MacDonald on an ambitious scheme to meet Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire’s net zero targets, after the newly formed East Midlands Combined County Authority (EMCCA) gave its backing to the region’s Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP). 

The initiative, which will be the largest of its kind in England, will see a data-driven, net zero ‘action plan’ rolled out across the region, with the aim of delivering an effective, on-time and value for money approach to climate resilience, tailored to the need of local communities.

IES will bring their expertise in energy modelling and decarbonisation of buildings at scale, alongside their proprietary digital twin technology, to support the development of the LAEP.  The technology will enable accurate simulation of the energy and carbon performance of the region’s buildings, providing a collaborative platform through which to assess the impact of various net-zero interventions and monitor and communicate progress of the plan over time.

The plan will set out priority areas for different elements of the region’s energy system and identify the areas where specific technologies – such as heat pumps, EV charging and insulation schemes – would be most effectively installed.

The LAEP – which has been designed and developed by a number of local authorities across the region, alongside the Midlands Net Zero Hub – will be supported by EMCCA, which is funding its implementation over the next two years. 

Michael Gallagher, Director of Environment & Sustainability at Nottingham City Council (Interim) and Senior Responsible Officer Midlands Net Zero Hub, said: “The development of the largest Local Area Energy Plan in England, supported by the Midlands Net Zero Hub, has been a brilliant collaborative effort across all local authorities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. 

“We are excited to be working with Mott MacDonald and IES to develop a joined-up plan that can help the region identify a cost-efficient route to net zero for the region that attracts investment, enables projects and supports economic growth.”

Wayne Bexton, Director of Green Growth, Investment and Assets at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The appointment of a LAEP provider for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire is a significant milestone which will enable the new combined county authority to detail a clear, innovative path to achieving net zero. 

“The work will ensure we can harness further investment into the region, creating new jobs and opportunities for training in low carbon industries.

“Our region has an unparalleled opportunity to lead for the UK on this agenda, and this is an exciting next step on that journey.”

Craig McKendrick, Public Sector Lead at IES, adds: “We are delighted to be working alongside Mott MacDonald, Midlands Net Zero Hub and the local authorities across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to help bring their net zero ambitions to fruition.

“Decarbonisation, particularly on this scale, is no easy feat. However, digital twin technologies, such as ours, can play a vital role in helping local authorities de-risk their strategies, so that they can move forward with confidence in meeting their energy and carbon reduction goals. We look forward to getting started and seeing the impact this project will have in furthering the UK’s net-zero transition.”

The Local Area Energy Plan, once implemented, will be the largest of its kind in England – putting the region in a strong position to attract investment and create jobs in green industries.

Work will get underway on rolling out the plan from June 2024.