Earth Day 2017

Making Every Day Earth Day Through Sustainable Building Design

To mark Earth Day 2017, we want to help raise awareness about the impact that buildings have on the environment and why we need to take action now before it becomes too late. The below infographic emphasises the extent to which buildings are affecting our planet.

Join us on our quest to fight climate change. Scroll down to see our special Earth Day resources that will empower you to take on our challenge of making Earth Day Every Day.

Join us in our fight against Climate Change: Let’s start with our buildings!

We believe that much more needs to be done to mitigate climate change. It’s happening faster than anyone wants to believe. And buildings play a huge part in this. In fact, buildings are responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions – that’s more than any other industry. If we are going to save the planet, we need to focus on dramatically reducing this number. This is fundamentally why we do what we do at IES. We want to reduce the environmental impact that buildings have on our planet.

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