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Cut Rising Energy Costs with Digital Twin Technology

Although wholesale energy prices have fallen from their peak, energy cost remains the top concern for businesses for the second year running and is a boardroom issue for nine out of ten companies. Energy efficiency is the optimum way for businesses to navigate this energy crisis, but first they need to get a much more detailed handle on their energy use. They need to know how much, when and where they use energy to uncover savings, while still meeting their energy needs - now and in the future.

Our digital twin technology is helping organisations get the energy use clarity needed to take control and address all aspects of the energy trilemma. Enabling informed decisions that cut energy waste, reduce costs, and de-risk future investments.

About IES

We’re the global leader in building energy compliance software, employing over 300 building scientists, technicians and engineers in 4 global offices in the UK, Ireland, US and Singapore.  Over the last three decades we have made more than a million buildings more efficient. IES and our clients work on over 75,000 projects per year across 100 different countries.


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Our Clients Include

How We Cut Energy Costs

We work with you directly, or in collaboration with your existing partners, on:

  • Step 1

    Data Gathering

    Together, we will identify and gather energy consumption and metering data,  system performance data and building use data including occupancy profiles.

  • Step 2

    Accurate modelling and identification of energy savings

    We put the available data sets through our digital twinning software to provide insights into energy wastage. We then identify key energy saving measures with accurate forecasting of potential savings and payback periods.

  • Step 3

    Step towards Net-Zero

    We can further develop the digital twin to take you to the next stage and test scenarios that move you towards net-zero & energy self sufficiency.

The IES Guide to Reducing Business Energy Costs

In this guide we share our expert knowledge and lessons we've learned on numerous projects, to help businesses navigate this energy crisis. Filled with technical insights, advice and case study examples, it outlines key steps you can take to start reducing your building energy costs now. We’re confident that our approach can save at least 20% off your energy bill, while also helping you make informed business decisions to support energy resilience, employee productivity, ESG targets and net-zero goals.

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We Make Buildings Perform Better

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Glasgow Life sought support from IES after identifying that the Riverside Museum was performing poorly against other properties and energy management KPIs. IES facilitated data monitoring and analysis at the Riverside Museum to achieve savings of £52.3k per year by uncovering zero/low cost energy saving interventions.


John Lewis, York

IES technology was used to analyse the performance of the store and find the best energy saving strategies, helping achieve 35 - 40% less carbon than other similar John Lewis stores.

Carbon Savings

Barts Health NHS, London

IES delivered a virtual benchmark of the Alex Wing building, accurate to within a small percentage, in order to identify operational issues and assess potential energy improvement strategies. IES utilised existing building performance data to produce a calibrated model of the building. This allowed the success of energy conservation strategies to be measured, whilst also allowing potential future measures to be evaluated.

Electrical SAVINGS
Carbon Savings

1 George's Quay, Dublin

IES provided monitoring based commissioning services and iSCAN data analytics for this large office building, to optimise operational performance and uncover energy, carbon and cost savings. Working with IES enabled the client to get a much better handle on their building data to understand where operational improvements could be made.

energy cost SAVINGS
Up to €108K
Carbon Savings
Up to 302 tonnes
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Fund your Digital Twin with BNP Paribas Lease Finance 

Our leasing solutions can cover the cost of the digital twin software, plus any initial implementation and consultation fees, as well as ongoing service arrangements – all within the same regular repayment. Speak to one of our sales team for more information.

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