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The London Plan


The London Plan provides a broad set of guidelines covering the planning, construction and operation of London over the next 20-25 years. It has significant influence over the design of the built environment, specifically, the energy, environmental, sustainability, air quality and whole life cost approaches to optimising the design and operation of buildings. Comprehensive monitoring of energy demand and carbon emissions are required, carbon emissions must be reduced 30% more than the current building regs requirements, and dynamic overheating modelling should be undertaken in line with the CIBSE guidance.



IESVE software provides tools for:

  • Dynamic thermal and energy capabilities for modelling overheating, loads, energy demand, carbon emissions, air quality, integration of renewable energy calculation of energy costs
  • Solar and daylighting, allowing you to optimise the use of solar energy on site, predict energy yields, solar resource assessments, daylighting and climate based daylight metrics
  • Micro-climate studies and urban heat island impacts
  • Parametric modelling and analysing multiple scenarios in a quick and accurate simulation, thus providing significant speed and support for assessing scenarios against a baseline model

Partnership with One Click LCA enables whole life cycle costing including life cycle analyses

CIBSE TM52: The Limits of Thermal Comfort: Avoiding Overheating in European Buildings

CIBSE TM59: Design Methodology for the Assessment of Overheating Risk in Homes