United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Square

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Square is one of Abu Dhabi’s foremost mixed-use projects and the flagship development on Al Maryah Island.

Pre-Certified LEED® GOLD in 2007, the project was awarded the Design Rating in December 2010, and achieved full LEED Gold certification in September 2014.

Key Facts

20,000 m² building

Complex 3D model

Editied in the VE

Evolving thermal model

Used for asset management and maintenance

IES was contracted as the LEED Facilitation and Energy Analysis consultants for the project, and are the only consultants to have stayed on the project for its entirety, from concept to completion over seven years.

The development consists of eight buildings in total; 4 commercial towers greater than 30 stories, the central exchange, a retail podium and 2 parking garages. The size and complexity of the site presented many challenges in obtaining LEED Gold status. LEED Credits obtainable had to be constantly re-assessed and re-submitted throughout the whole process and trade-offs made to ensure a Gold rating was always obtainable. Although challenging, IES Consulting were able to keep the project on track through many and significant re-designs and throughout a long and arduous final review process to ensure it achieved the desired LEED Gold Certification.

The complexity of the project also meant that it required extremely detailed and complex energy modelling. Using its highly innovative IES Virtual Environment technology (IESVE), and its extensive experience, IES Consulting were able to perform the required level of energy modelling analysis, and provide quantitative feedback on various design options.

A particular focus of the model involved optimising the external shading design to reduce the solar gains entering the highly glazed facade, all to reduce the peak load and overall cooling energy consumption.

IES Consulting assessed a series of options using 3D generated imagery of the shading to track the development’s performance together with integrating the shading performance to the energy model. Conservation measures implemented included, a ventilated double skin façade, PV panels, external shades, automatic blind control, daylight dimming, occupancy sensed lighting, high-efficiency elevators, a desiccant dehumidifier and demand-controlled displacement ventilation. In total the project made savings of 18.6% in Energy, 40.8% in Water, and 73.0% in Waste Recycled.

“We are delighted that ADGM has achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold under the LEEDv2.0 Core and Shell rating system. Our flagship Grade ‘A’ commercial development is the first integrated development in Abu Dhabi to achieve LEED Core and Shell (LEED-CS) Gold certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).”
Ali Eid AlMheiri, Executive Director of Real Estate & Infrastructure at Mubadala