ICL Digital Twin Beta Test Programme

Within the Built Environment, IES believes performance-based Digital Twins present exciting opportunities to navigate the route to zero-carbon, energy efficient, sustainable and healthier communities.

Our beta test programme is your chance to get involved in the development of new features or tools, and give us valuable feedback and input as we seek to develop and refine our Digital Twin technology to be relevant for all.

Features/Tools currently available for Beta Testing 

Please sign up to those of interest below.

iCIM Renovation Workflow Feature

This is a new feature in development within iCIM, which we’re currently looking for people to test and give feedback on. We’re seeking feedback on the potential of this feature to speed up accurate assessment of which renovation options are suitable for specific buildings. Alongside details on the options included, data connections, process proposed, and ideas for future development of the feature.

Please note: the workflow is Alpha and as such is only suitable for testing purposes.

NY shadow model

Learn More about Digital Twins

At IES, we believe Digital Twins are the key to decarbonising the built environment. Fully scalable from a single building to an entire city, our ICL technology goes beyond BIM to create a live Digital Twin which responds and behaves like its real world counterpart. Delivering the data-driven information needed to uncover significant energy, carbon, capital and operational savings. While taking account of resource use, transport, social and economic factors.

Got Any Questions?

If you have any questions we will be happy to assist you.