ICL for Cities

What does the C in ICL mean for Cities?

Delivering Resilient, Zero-Carbon Cities

By 2050, 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in a city. Demand for energy, water and other services will reach potentially unsustainable levels. The ICL provides an intelligent approach to community development so you can deliver a city that operates in an integrated fashion. One which uses digital technologies to enhance performance and wellbeing, reduce costs and resource consumption, and engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.

What does the C in ICL mean for Cities?


Testing carbon policy options.


Impacts of developments city wide.


Plans and policy ideas easily.


Showing Citizens their consumption reduction.


Energy schemes to tackle fuel poverty.

Zero-Carbon Policies

ICL technology supports smart city planning by virtually testing proposed green planning policies. Ensuring they are viable, cost effective and deliver the environmental impacts desired. 

  • Meet zero-carbon and energy reduction targets
  • Set Sustainable Energy Action Plans and monitor progress
  • Analyse potential impacts & feasibility of green policies
  • Integrate energy & environmental performance in city plans
  • Calculate building EUI & the best options to improve building performance
  • Find solutions which will be adaptable over time, supporting resilience
Model planning policy

Solar radiation model

Urban Modelling - Solar & Transport

Uncover hidden community renewable potential and investigate public transport and EV coverage across your city. Base your decisions on not only what is physically possible, but also on the preferences of citizens.

  • Determine renewable electricity generation or district level heat/cooling potential across large urban spaces
  • Assess the feasibility of low-carbon solutions at scale
  • Understand how likely it is that citizens will walk or cycle rather than drive
  • Evaluate various transport options, routes & accessibility of key amenities
  • Review, plan and optimise public transport and EV charger locations

Citizen Engagement

Generate city-wide building analytics and encourage citizens to rate their own building performance with IES Energy Apps and Interactive Touchscreens. Or use the platform to deliver innovative consultations on proposed zero-carbon policies.

  • Involve citizens in driving building energy reduction
  • Compile city-wide building data & make city scale assessments of energy use
  • Visually engage citizens in planning policies and Sustainable Action Plans
  • Identify areas which would benefit from district heating systems or solar panels
  • Help citizens and businesses save money
Glasgow Energy App

Case Study: Glasgow City Council

IES was chosen for its unique technology and expertise to carry out a 1 year Proof of Concept study investigating building energy optimisation. The project explored how analysis of data already available could be used to refine Glasgow City Council’s building management and energy investment strategy and ROI targets.

ICL Technology

The ICL incorporates the latest digital technology to link physics based simulations, Internet of Things (IOT) data, sensor readings, machine learning and AI into one interconnected platform containing the following tools:

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ICL for Cities

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