ICL for Citizens

What does the C in ICL mean for Citizens?

Making a Positive Impact on Climate Change

We’re on track to blow the 2°C threshold of temperature increase at which climate change has been deemed catastrophic for humanity. To maximise human wellbeing and leave a positive legacy for future generations, we as citizens need to make individual change, come together as communities and challenge our Governments and Industry. The ICL offers citizens tools to empower and challenge us to rapidly ramp up efforts and transform into a sustainable society.

What does the C in ICL mean for Citizens?


Public & private dashboards to view & interact with data.


And business engagement in local energy schemes.


Residents to reduce energy use.


Interactive solutions to understand energy use.


Helping citizens contribute to zero carbon goals.

Community Empowerment

The ICL empowers you to make smarter decisions within your community. Facilitating better engagement with local government or business to investigate hidden community energy reduction opportunities, renewable potential, public transport and EV coverage. Decisions can be based not only on what is physically possible, but also on the preferences of your community.

  • Come together as a community and engage with local government or business
  • Promote and collaborate on potential community energy schemes
  • Understand your data and work out how to share energy and reduce costs 
  • Real-time feedback on energy use, carbon emissions & renewable generation
  • Be inspired and see how individual changes combine to make a real difference 
highlighted walkable acceesss from london tube stations

Trent basin dashboard

Understand Your Impact

We want to help citizens understand the environmental impact of their buildings and how to improve it. With engaging, bespoke dashboard views for community energy & other resource data, the ICL can empower you to make informed decisions around energy use while also taking into consideration your needs and comfort.

  • Providing new ways to view and interact with your data
  • Intelligent insights to predict faults and improve comfort
  • Benchmark your energy use against others in your community
  • Identify ways to maximise energy savings at the lowest cost
  • Discover how your actions can help other local organizations or communities 

Citizen Activism

The path to a decentralised, decarbonised and digitalised energy landscape requires a transition to low-carbon energy systems, integration of renewables, and storage solutions, and data analytics to anticipate demand and empower citizens. The ICL enables anyone to look at buildings and energy solutions holistically. It brings the human element back into building operation.

  • Come together and share ideas
  • Engage with local Government, businesses and other organizations
  • Understand energy and other resource use
  • Motivate each other and inspire action to make change happen
Glasgow Energy App

Case Study: Trent Basin

IES created an interactive platform that enables the Trent Basin community to visualise its energy data in real-time. The platform provides information on renewable energy generation and storage, alongside energy consumption data, and general information about the homes.

ICL Technology

The ICL incorporates the latest digital technology to link physics based simulations, Internet of Things (IOT) data, sensor readings, machine learning and AI into one interconnected platform containing the following tools:

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ICL for Citizens

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