ICL for Companies

What does the C in ICL mean for Companies?

Digitising your portfolio to reach Zero-Carbon

Projections suggest that up to 50 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices will exist by 2020, with around one fifth of those being in building applications. The ICL can make use of this data to provide an intelligent approach to a company’s sustainability. One which uses digital technologies to enhance operational performance and the health and wellbeing of staff, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with staff.

What does the C in ICL mean for Companies?


Estate performance anywhere in the world.

Company Data

Stored in one easily accessible platform.


Time-line on how to reach neutrality targets.


Better business cases for proposed investments.


Healthy & environmentally friendly buildings.

Operational Command Centre

ICL technology lets you create engaging bespoke dashboard views of your company’s data for both operational teams and staff engagement.

  • Views for global, national, regional, campus & individual building levels
  • Make sense of your data to uncover hidden energy, cost & productivity savings
  • Single pane operational views of consumption & demand for reporting
  • Top-level staff/stakeholder engagement dashboards
  • Integrated data quality management & assurance
  • Perform live fault detection & predict performance using Machine Learning
Command centre graphs and temperature gage

ci2 building model image

Ci2 Energy Management

A tried and tested process for building performance optimisation that combines operational data with physics-based simulation.

  • Review & improve building monitoring and control systems
  • Collect all operational building data in one central platform
  • Investigate hidden operational energy & cost savings
  • Compare different retrofit and energy conservation options 
  • Prioritise investments and track & monitor if expected benefits are realised
  • Undertake Measurement and Verification (M&V) using model calibration

Portfolio Management

ICL digitalization of buildings seamlessly enables optimisation, based on not only the needs and comfort of all users, but also on what delivers the highest environmental impact.

  • Visualise & navigate, not just energy, but any data across a large portfolio
  • Set and track portfolio level KPIs
  • Identify high energy usage or low renewable generation
  • Capture data insights on how to improve low performers
  • Explore ‘what if’ improvement scenarios and prioritise investments
simulated total energy ipim

Lateral Technologies: John Lewis

Lateral Technologies used IESVE to achieve 35-40% less carbon than other similar John Lewis stores and are now using iSCAN, a new powerful IES tool, to identify performance gaps to deliver a soft landing.

ICL Technology

The ICL incorporates the latest digital technology to link physics based simulations, Internet of Things (IOT) data, sensor readings, machine learning and AI into one interconnected platform containing the following tools:

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ICL for Companies

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