ICL for Countries

What does the C in ICL mean for Countries?

Working Towards a Zero-Carbon Future

In 2020, world leaders will come together at COP26 to discuss how to tackle climate change on a global scale. Targets are already in place to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C but the challenge lies in finding the solutions to make that happen. We envisage a future where digital technologies, such as the ICL, will help countries achieve their zero-carbon targets to secure a more healthy, sustainable and resource-efficient future.

What does the C in ICL mean for Countries?

Climate Change

Deliver energy resiliency against climate change.


Engage with populations to communicate energy plans. 


Plan for a future where city digital twins connect as one.


Legislate climate action strategies with confidence.


Technology leadership to meet zero-carbon targets.

National Digital Twin

A National Digital Twin, which connects multiple community or city twins, together with national infrastructure and systems, must integrate environmental performance to ensure zero-carbon goals are realised. The ICL can help you build such a network, enabling new perspectives on creating zero-carbon communities.

  • Understand existing assets & data available across the built environment
  • Make city, regional & country scale assessments of energy & other resource use
  • Create a country level Command Centre
  • Investigate collaboration opportunities between communities or cities
  • Cross analyse environmental data from different sources in one platform
  • Plan contingency based on historic data & current weather
Digital twin model

Climate Action Strategies

The targets have been set. Now you need a strategy to help you get there. By empowering cities and local government in the use of digital technologies, such as the ICL, you can help them understand complex interactions between buildings, energy, water, waste & transport and set the transition to zero-carbon in motion.

  • Understand the impact of building regulations & policies on energy demand
  • Define your climate action strategy
  • Communicate plans to citizens and report on progress
  • Initiate change from the ground up
  • Investigate renewable/low-carbon energy solutions that are scalable nationwide

Citizen Engagement

Imagine having the ability to encourage citizens or businesses to improve their own building performance through interactive apps and touch screens. With the ICL, we are working to make this a reality, helping you empower your citizens through knowledge sharing and inspire them to make positive change for the future. 

  • Engage through holistic 3D models and dashboards
  • Consult citizens on green policies & show potential impacts on energy/carbon
  • Help citizens and businesses save money and reduce fuel poverty
  • Compile city, regional and national data to anticipate demand
  • Empower citizen, government and business users
Ruggiero Guida using an interactive touch screen

ICL Technology

The ICL incorporates the latest digital technology to link physics based simulations, Internet of Things (IOT) data, sensor readings, machine learning and AI into one interconnected platform containing the following tools:

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ICL for Countries

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