What are the purchase options?

Bespoke quotations are available from our Sales team based on your specific technical requirements, and the number of projects, buildings, data imports and named users that you require. Options with built-in phone support, training and consultancy are also available. Contact sales@iesve.com for further information.

Is model set-up included?

Yes, free support on setting up a basic model within the tool is provided.

What Training is provided?

Free Getting Started Videos are provided as standard. Project based or more advanced training can be purchased though our Consulting Service, or included in the package purchased.

Do I need SketchUp installed to access iCD?

Yes iCD is a plug-in for SketchUp so you need a supported SketchUp version (SketchUp 8 onwards).

Do I need a licence for SketchUp Pro to use iCD?

The iCD plug-in can be used with all features on the free trial version of SketchUp. For continued use of the tools you will require a SketchUp licence purchased from Trimble.

How do I access the iCD software once it is installed?

Launch SketchUp and iCD will be available as an extension. The iCD toolbar has several buttons grouped together for the different functions needed to analyse your site. Alternatively, you will find the IES iCD options under the Extensions menu.

Do I need to manually draw all of the buildings in my project?

No you can use the OSM import button on the iCD toolbar to bring in the building geometry from OpenStreetMap. Further edits may then be made otherwise, you can draw in additional buildings on the site by drawing the floorplan then using the Create button on iCD toolbar.

Do you offer support?

Yes, email support is provided as standard and phone support is also available depending on the package purchased. The IES Support Team will be happy to assist you with any query you have. Contact support@iesve.com for assistance.

I get an error when trying to run Energy Simulation.

Failed to launch the SimRunner.
Error Code: 0x2
The system cannot find the file specified.

  • This means you are attempting to run a Simulation without first directing the iCD to connect to the VE installation. Set this via Extensions menu >> IES iCD >> Set VE Location
Where can I find the Water Simulation option?

This can be found on the IES iCD Simulation Launcher dialog but may be off the screen initially. Scroll down to find this or resize the dialog to show all Simulation options.

Need more information?

Have you got a question that isn't covered in the FAQs above? For more information contact us.