Free iSCAN Trial

Test drive iSCAN to see how you can use it to cut through the clutter and confusion of building data. 

Click the button below to send a request to our Sales team for your free 30-day trial. You’ll be allocated a dedicated BD who’ll be your point of contact during the trial.

You’ll need to decide who from your organisation you want to have access to your trial. The trial can include access for multiple team members if wanted, or just individual access. Once decided please do both of the following:

  • Confirm name and email address of all users you’d like included on the trial to your dedicated BD.
  • Ensure each staff member has a registered account on the website

Once your BD contact has confirmed that your trial is live users can login to iSCAN using the details registered for their account.

Supporting Material

Browse our material to support you during your trial. Any specific questions should be directed to your BD contact.


Technical Introductory Video

Watch our 3 minute video which shows you around the iSCAN tool so you can see the technology in action. Get an understanding of the look and feel and capabilites of the tool.


Free Training Videos

These on-demand learning sessions are designed to train you up to a good basic level on iSCAN, and cover practically how you can use the tool in a variety of situations.


Integrated Help Notes

Browse our integrated help notes within the iSCAN application.


Demo Project

Available within the iSCAN platform, the IES demo project is an example project, populated with real-life data to act as a useful reference and exploration of a typical iSCAN project.