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How can I trial iVN?

A free 30-day trial available is available on request from sales@iesve.com. You’ll be allocated a dedicated BD who’ll be your point of contact during the trial.

Download, install and request trial keys for iVN and the VE Kernel as per the Installation Guide.

iVN currently has the following material available to support you during your trial. Any specific questions should be directed to your BD contact.

The Trial/Training Project includes an Electricity Network to get you started. You can test connecting other network types to this initial model. There is no detailed PowerFlow electricity model included in this training model. You can test creating one within the project. There is no geographical image in the background or a 3D or 2D model included in this project to keep it generic. You can test importing actual geographic location information by creating a new project.

What are the purchase options?

Bespoke quotations are available from our Sales team based on your specific technical requirements, and the number of projects, buildings, data imports and named users that you require. Options with built-in phone support, training and consultancy are also available. Contact sales@iesve.com for further information.

What Training is provided?

Free Getting Started Videos are provided as standard. Project based or more advanced training can be purchased though our Consulting Service, or included in the package purchased.

How can I install iVN?

See iVN installation guide from IES, this includes instructions on how to download, install and licence the application on your machine.

What are the iVN system requirements?

See installation guide:

  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.  64 bit version required.
  • 4GB ram or higher (8GB or higher recommended)
  • OpenGL 3.3 graphics or higher
  • 1152 x 864 minimum screen resolution.
How do I launch iVN after it is installed?

A shortcut is created in Windows start menu under Start >> iVN (or use Windows search bar). The ‘iVN 2019’ shortcut is created on the desktop.

Does iVN need a licence?

Yes if you don’t have a licence, on startup the software will request the code is entered, if no code is entered the software will not launch. Contact IES Sales for a licence code if you don’t have one.

Does iVN require VE installation?

Yes for Energy Simulation the VE is required to be installed and requires a licence for VE Kernel. You can refer to iVN installation guide for further details.

Do you offer support?

Yes, email support is provided as standard and phone support is also available depending on the package purchased. The IES Support Team will be happy to assist you with any query you have. Email support@iesve.com for assistance.

How can I send details of my setup to Technical Support?

Click Help >> Troubleshooting to view system information that may be relevant to a Technical issue. This information can be highlighted then copy & pasted into an email or document.

I get an error when running an Energy Simulation.

Energy simulation aborted. VE location not specified – simulation error

  • This suggests the iVN has not been connected to a valid VE installation.
  • Check Settings on Homepages.
  • VE Location should be set to your VE 2018.2.0.0 installation path and will appear as red text until it is connected to a valid VE installation.
I get an error when running a Network Simulation.

Network simulation aborted – simulation error

  • Click link to open Log file and copy these details into an email to support@iesve.com, send with a zip of the project folder as an attachment.

Network simulation error – please select one or more networks to simulate

  • You need to choose the Network to simulate from the Object Browser list then click Simulate.
How do I connect to my iSCAN project to import energy profiles?

This can be done via Hometabs >> Import >> iSCAN link
Here you can enter details of the iSCAN project url and token.
The project details will have been provided by an iSCAN user or else create from your own project via the iSCAN Project menu >> api tokens screen.