Get Started with the iVN

View our series of free videos designed to help you get started with the iVN.

iVN Basics

Navigating the iVN

This video covers how to navigate the iVN and an introduction to the main tools found on the platform.

Creating Buildings

How to set up a project. Including how to import existing geometry from OpenStreetMap, check and edit building properties, and include details of buildings yet to be built.

Adding Buildings to a Network Model

This video covers creating network models in 2D schematic and geographical layouts. Including working within the 2D view and the understanding the interconnections that exist with the 3D model.

Adding Data to an iVN Model

Generating Building Demand Data: Manual import from iSCAN to iVN

How to import real-life operational data from a building or group of buildings using the iSCAN tool. This enables you to in simulate network demand within iVN using real-measured values.

Generating Building Demand Data: Energy Simulation 

This video looks at the energy simulation tool available with the iVN, that can be used to generate building energy demand profiles for buildings in your network where measured data is not available.

Generating Building Demand Data: Import iCD Results

This video explains how to import data from iCIM into iVN; as a means to synchronise demand data generated by iCD simulations and/or measured data from iSCAN.

Importing Weather Files

Weather is an important aspect of running simulations with the iVN. This video covers how to import and assign weather files within your iVN project.

iVN Network Set-up

Adding Network Installations

Work within the 2D network viewer to add network installations from the asset library. How to create assets, connect them to nodes, and understanding the supply/demand and commodity relationships. Including how to inspect and edit default technical specifications.

Network Displays

This video navigates around the geographical, schematic and custom views within iVN.

Network Configuration

How to configure a network within iVN.

Control Strategies 

Apply control strategies at node level to control the operation of the connected assets in the iVN network, to customise the network operation.

iVN Network Analysis

Variant Models

How to create different variant models in order to explore how changes to building weather or network properties affect network performance.  

Network Simulations & Analysis Inspector

After you’ve created your electricity grid or heating/cooling network you’ll be able to analyse results and compare different scenarios. This video covers how to undertake analysis and investigate how hypothetical modifications you are testing out will effect network performance. 

Advanced Network Analysis

Power Flow Network

How to create an infrastructure model of a power flow network, providing a more detailed model for electrical networks that have been created, allowing the physical infrastructure to be geographically mapped out and the network constraints analysed.

Custom Installation Scripts

This video will cover how users can model installations that don't exist in the iVN with flexibility by importing a Python script and assigning it to a custom installation, in order to be utilised in a network simulation.