Virtual Environment

Building Analytics Platform

The VE software is widely acknowledged as the leading building analytics platform for top architects, engineers and contractors.

The energy and carbon reduction capability of the technology has been proven on hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide.

Its detailed simulation power connects to any ICL tool to provide performance analysis insights to your community.

Virtually Test Design and Refurbishment options

The VE translates complex building physics principles and detailed dynamic thermal calculations. All ICL tools utilise this proven simulation engine.

Integrated energy modelling

Building and systems design

Assess against building rating schemes and regulations

Analyse individual or groups of buildings

Consider current and future weather conditions

Integrated Analysis

The power of the VE embeds energy and performance assessment across the entire building lifecycle.

Integrate Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process to improve the performance of any building. 

The VE in Action

Watch our 4 minute video which shows you around the VE so you can see the technology in action.

Get an understanding of the look and feel and capabilites of the software. See how you can use this technology to virtually test design and refurbishment options to improve the performance of any building. 

What our Customers Say

Early collaboration in our integrated design approach led to important innovations. For example, a first-of-its-kind displacement ventilation system saves energy and improves fan comfort by delivering conditioned air directly beneath the seats and allowing people to influence the temperature through an app on their phones.

Alastair MacGregor
Vice President, High-performance Buildings, AECOM

To achieve a passive building requires a combination of smart strategies integrated from the early stages of the project. Although the internal temperatures demonstrated in this project were slightly higher than the 28ºC target set, the client was still extremely happy with the strategy we proposed. We are now working with them on another new building on the site and, through a combination of IESVE modelling and site verification, we expect to identify new passive strategies capable of achieving internal temperatures of no more than 26ºC.

Xavier Valladares
Director, ECOstudioXV

Tailor Made Solutions

Find out how the VE can help you connect the dots for new design and retrofit.

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