Public Sector Decarbonisation Support

Services for Successful Funding Applications

Have you applied for, or are planning to apply for funding to enable decarbonisation of your estate? In line with the UK Government’s commitment to reduce emissions from public sector buildings by 75% by 2037, there are many funding schemes you can take advantage of. However, the application process can be complex and time consuming.

With 29 years of experience and over 1.5 million buildings modelled, our expertise in building performance and energy modelling can help whether you have secured funding, or are looking to develop a robust funding application in time for deadlines. Our innovative digital twin technology provides the data you can trust to make intelligent decisions.

Low Carbon Skills Fund Feasibility Studies

To determine what decarbonisation options are best for you, we can assist in carrying out feasibility studies that are suitable for Round 5 for the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) in 2024. We have experience in turning round applications in short periods of time. Our tried and tested process, along with our leading digital twin technology, can deliver:

  • Recommendations with associated energy, carbon and cost estimates
  • Physics-based simulations that deliver data you can trust
  • Solutions with building standards and guidance taken into consideration
  • Modelling and simulations that can be further utilised on PSDS capital projects

PSDS Performance Specialists

Once funding has been secured to undertake decarbonisation measures, we can act as performance specialists alongside your preferred delivery partner.

Our 3 decades of building performance consulting, combined with our digital tools, can:

  • Track progress throughout your project, using performance digital twins that act as an evolving digital asset which stay with you for the whole building lifecycle
  • Undertake performance measurement and verification using energy simulation
  • Ensure that savings predicted in detailed designs are verified once implemented


HNES Optimisation Studies

Whether you're looking to apply for the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) revenue grants to fund an optimisation study, or capital grants to fund your optimisation measures, we can demonstrate the eligibility of suggested improvements. Our tried and tested process, along with our leading simulation technology, determine exactly how your heat networks are performing. These optimisation studies include:

  • Optimisation recommendations
  • Expected benefits
  • Cost appraisal of proposed measures
  • Highlight on any instances of poor performance 

LHESS/LAEP Project Delivery

We can support you or your preferred partner when delivering energy masterplanning and decarbonisation at scale projects, using methodologies such as LAEPs and LHESS, by:

  • Accurate simulation of all domestic and non-domestic buildings in your area
  • Data can be imported from a wide range of sources
  • Multiple users can work concurrently on the same project due to the synchronisation feature between our ICL tools

These simulations can be used to look at potential interventions at scale, to ensure local and national net-zero targets will be met. The digital asset left behind can be used for monitoring and communicating progress of the plan.

Utilising Energy Modelling for LCSF and PSDS Applications

With Phase 5 of the Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) expected to open for applications in Spring 2024, IES, with our selected partners, have developed a fully compliant procurement route to strengthen your funding application with energy modelling. 

Join us on one of our live guidance sessions below, to learn more about our streamlined end-to-end process with our partners, along with the benefits of the digital twin asset and net zero pathway provided upon completion of this work. 

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Frameworks you can utilise to work with us

Public Sector bodies can access our services via the following Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) or Direct Awards.

LASER,Zero Carbon – Consult, Design and Install, DN535888

SPARK, Crown Commercial Services, RM6094 DPS

Demand Management & Renewables, Crown Commercial Services, RM6313 DPS

G-Cloud 13, Crown Commercial Services, RM1557

Enquire about Decarbonisation Funding Application Support

Our team are available to discuss all funding options available and the services IES provide to support you pre- and post-application. Please fill out the form below with a note of the service you are interested in, and if there are any projects in particular you would like to discuss.